A Healthy Environment Aids in Newborn Puppy Care

Having a litter of newborn puppies brings a lot of joy and excitement into the home. The cute little puppies are adorable. Don’t you just want to pick them up and play with each one of them? However, in the early days of a newborn puppy’s life extra care needs to be taken.

The mother dog will meet most all of the newborn puppy’s needs like feeding and grooming. During this time your job of new born puppy care is to make sure mother and the puppies have a healthy environment. You will need to provide:

* Give the family a nice bed to live in. A card board box works very well for this, not to mention when they out grow it, you can throw it away not have to deal with trying to clean it up.

* Warm, fluffy, soft bedding. It will need to be changed out on a daily basis. Remember the entire family is living on the bedding and it can get a little dirty.

* Keep the food and water bowl close by, the mother dog will need easy access to it.

Aiding Momma Dog With Newborn Puppy Care

Most moms know exactly how to take care of their young. It comes naturally to them and they will usually devote every hour of every day to that task. In the early stage, moms will lick their litters to help them with excretion. If you’re not too snooty, you can sometimes help the mother by gently massaging these little ones yourself right after they eat. This helps their little systems be familiar with the process and develop to the point where they no longer need manual stimulation. This is also an important tip to remember in the unfortunate event when the mother is unavailable.

Another benefit of the mother licking her puppies is that it bathes the puppy and stimulates healthy blood flow. You can give the mother dog a hand as part of newborn puppy car, by gently rubbing the puppies with a soft, moist and warm cloth. Remember to dry off the puppies when you are finished to prevent them from losing heat via evaporation. At this age, don’t use soap while washing the puppies because it will be too harsh on their little bodies.

Newborn Puppy Care Needs for a Growing Puppy

As the weeks pass by the puppies begin to change rather quickly. At first their eyes will open then they will start to move around a little bit at first. But soon their muscles and coordination will develop enough that they will be moving around very quickly. Once the puppies start moving around, it is very important that they area they are being kept in is safe and secure. That it will keep the puppies in this area so that they do not get hurt.

After a few more weeks the puppy’s teeth will start to come in. It is at this point that the mother dog may begin to wean her puppies. A very important newborn puppy care task is to provide the puppies with supplemental food. Give them soft puppy dog food. It is specially formulated to meet the nutritional requirements of the puppy’s body.

Before you realize it, what were once little helpless balls of fur have now grown into healthy active puppies. They still need attention and guidance. Another newborn puppy care task is to provide them with an area where they can eliminate their waste. Most all dogs do not like to eat and sleep in the same place where they excrete. If the puppies are going to be indoor dogs, now is a good time to begin house breaking training.

Newborn puppy care takes a lot of work and will be challenging at times. However, the rewards are huge. As you watched these puppies grow from little, helpless and defence less animals to now fully grown dogs. You can reflect on the effort it took and take satisfaction on having help raise noble dogs.

by Rob Clifton

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