Are We All Giving Our Dogs Healthy Dog Food?

The healthiest kinds of dog food for your faithful friends are homemade dog food recipes. Society today is caught up from the popularity of manufactured dog foods and are allowing canine obesity and other health problems to be on the rise. Just like humans, our canine friends need a balanced diet of good nutrients for continuous growth and tissue repair. We can easily supply these necessary nutrients with homemade dog food recipes.

One of the most essential nutrients that dogs need is protein. The carbohydrates that are found in commercial food for dogs overwhelm the proteins. In the long run this can do more harm to your dog than good. Typically, the proteins that are found in these manufactured foods are animal by products. These by products are not the ideal nutrition your dog needs. Plus, even though the meat product often comes first on the label of the bag, it does not necessarily mean that it is the biggest ingredient within the bag. Often, when the corn and rice ingredients are added together, they outweigh the amount of protein in the bag. But, unless you are feeding a young puppy or hunting or working dogs that would need an increased amount of protein in their diets, too much protein can actually be bad for dogs. Homemade dog food recipes allow you to be able to give your dog the right mix of the necessary nutrients.

Although the stigma in society is to stay away from fats, fats are actually an important part of a dog’s diet as well. They help to maintain a healthy coat and normal kidney function. One way that you can give your dog the right kind of fats is by including fish in your recipes. Fish is a great source of fatty acids. Plus, although carbohydrates are not good for dogs in large amounts, they are an essential part of a dog’s diet. With homemade meals, you can give your dog carbohydrates in the form of fresh corn or rice in the proper amounts to ensure that they are getting a healthy mix of nutrients.

Many people today have realized the importance of nutrition for their families. We strive to give our kids healthy meals and snacks throughout the day and urge the school districts to do the same. Imagine if we gave our families the same packaged food every single day. How boring would that be? We are a society that loves to pamper our dogs and we spend money on cute clothes, doggie spas and expensive collars. Let’s realize the best way to pamper your faithful companion is to really treat them like a member of the family and get them on the road to optimal health through their diet. Try to find ways to give you’re your dog the healthiest food by making it at home. Although it is not recommended to feed your dog “table scraps”, you can use your leftovers to put make something that is healthier than what’s scooped out of a bag. Show your best friend how much you care.

by Tom A Mitchell

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