Importance of Training Pitbulls

This article covers the importance of training your pitbull puppy. Owners often get no education in regards to owning and training a dog therefore they end up with a disobedient puppy which they have no control of. Aside from what some people may think, training your pitbull is extremely important and I don’t think that anybody should own a dog without at least knowing some basic aspects of pitbull training.

So why exactly is it important to train your pitbull? There are actually more than one answer to this and I’m going to cover some of them below. For starters, training a pitbull will provide some sort of order in the house. Just like parents teach their kids the rights and wrongs of life, pitbull owners should take the time to train their puppies exactly the same. This is required so that throughout life there will be less problems in terms of what is allowed and what is not.

Remember, your pitbull may be doing stuff that to you may seem “wrong” but to him it’s not simply because he doesn’t know what’s right and what’s wrong. They don’t understand human language so what makes you think they can understand you when you yell “Don’t pee on this carpet”?

Did you know that your dog has a 5 second memory? That is, if your dog pees on the floor and you “punish” him more than 5 seconds later your pitbull will have no idea what he’s being punished for? He will then try to associate the punishment with what happened at the moment that he got punished. For example, if he got punished right after you “recalled” him, he might associate the “recall” with the punishment and be hesitant to come to you next time you’re calling him.

It’s kind of funny, really, because my parents owned dogs and cats without knowing any of this information. Sure, I don’t blame them, but I just think that people that are ignorant and choose to be ignorant about the proper ways of owning and raising a dog shouldn’t be allowed to own one. This is the point of this article – to express the importance of training your pitbull the right way and understanding exactly how a dog’s mind works. I’m no PETA member and dog rights movement supporter – I’m a mere dog lover. Pitbull training is an important factor to raising a happy and healthy pitbull puppy.

by Jack Stork

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