Nutritional Needs for Pekingese Dogs

Nutritional needs and Benefits of feeding Pekingese correctly

Pekingese dogs have specific nutritional needs. While choosing your dog's diet, you must keep in mind its origin. The origin of this breed of dog lies in ancient China. So the nutrition you give your dog must have some connection with the Chinese animal food pattern. You can give your dog the best nutrition if you feed it with the diet to which its breed is used to rather than compelling your dog to adapt to a diet to which its system is unfamiliar. Pekingese are much more food sensitive when compared to other breeds of dogs and therefore it should be fed with correct food in correct proportion.

  1. Correct food would be absorbed in to your Pekingese's system readily and your dog will be able to get the best nutrition from the food with which it is fed. Also if your Pekingese eats proper food, it will be less susceptible to stomach upsets, gas problems, obesity and so on.
  2. If your Pekingese eats correctly, the chances of its falling ill will lower and you will not have to spend much on frequent trips to Veterinarians.

What diet can give your dog the required nutritional needs

A Pekingese's diet should include a proportionate blend of rice, corn, poultry, soy and beet. Try not to give your dog food items like avocados, oats, white potatoes, horse meat, chicken and beef. Also you must make sure that your Pekingese consumes high quality protein. Optimum protein can from food items like eggs, small birds, mice and rats. Occasionally you may give your dog pleasant surprises in the form of foods laden with yummy fillers and sugars. If you are cooking for your Pekingese, then you may also add a vitamin supplement to fulfill aptly all of your dog's nutritional needs.

If your Pekingese is highly sensitive to food or is susceptible to allergies, make sure not to give it table scraps and you must also maintain consistency in its diet pattern. Lambs and rabbits are also well suited for the Pekingese who is prone to allergies. Thorough research about the proper food ratio is an essential requisite before chalking out the diet pattern for your Pekingese. Nowadays frozen raw dog food like dry kibbles is available in the market. These usually come with an appropriate carbohydrate-protein-vitamin / mineral ratio. But again research before buying is necessary.

Nutritional needs and faulty nutrition disease

Wrong diet and faulty nutrition can make your Pekingese really diseased. Some symptoms which wrong diet can produce in your dog are:

  • Diarrhea
  • Constant itching
  • Constant snorting
  • Chewing of feet
  • Gas
  • Hot spots

Give it the right food and take pride in the health of your Pekingese. So this is all about the nutritional needs of your Pekingese.

by Milos Obrenovic

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