Proper Dog Nutrition is Necessary For Your Dog’s Active Life

Dogs are wonderful companions, giving you happiness and companionship. But taking care of a dog is also a matter of concern. The responsibility lies firmly on the owner’s shoulders. Dogs are active animals and need a huge amount of energy to carry on the activities throughout the day. There are basically six components that are an essential in dog nutrition, namely, proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals, fats and most importantly water. The dogs should be given a balanced dose of vitamins too and you have to make sure that the dog food you provide includes Vitamin A, B- complex, C, D, and E. One more important thing that is needed is for your dog to take in the required amount of water compared to the food he consumes. To ensure the adequate level of water, you should give your dog food rich in fiber.

You can try various dog supplements that are available in the market. These are necessary as they help to build strong muscles and bones and help in the overall growth of the dog. The market is flooded with a wide range of dog foods and you should read the feeding instructions in advance and also read about the ingredients too. The canned foods contain more fat and protein and while feeding a puppy you should give him small meals at regular intervals. A puppy needs nutritional value more than an adult dog, so the initial stages are very crucial. You can get a lot of information about dog health and online as there are several manufacturers who sell dog food online and educate people how to take extremely good care of a puppy’s health. They provide detailed information about dog nutrition and the ways to improve your dog’s health.

Whatever food you give your dog, be sure that it is high on various nutrients such as calcium, sodium, potassium, manganese, iodine, iron, phosphorous etc. Different breeds of dogs can have different food requirements. Also you should make sure that your dog is fed with food that is easily digestible. Some of the common mistakes that most dog owners make is that they try to feed little puppies with adult food. Dogs have different requirements at different stages of life, like when they are newborn, mother’s milk is sufficient but as the puppy starts growing milk is inadequate and it needs to given balanced diet of various minerals. It is advisable that dog food should be such that it does not hurt the digestive system of the dog and is easily absorbed in their intestines. For instance, the digestible carbohydrates are easily broken down by tract enzymes present in the intestines.

by Dan Keenan

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