Your Teacup Puppy Is Chewing and Teething

So now you have your adorable teacup Chihuahua home the bonding process has begun and the both of you are having more fun than ever. But now you have found your remote and noticed it has been chewed on and not by mice either. You do you investigation to the cause and come to the conclusion that it was your Teacup Puppy. You say, “Not my puppy”. I hate to say it, but, Yes, your teacup Chihuahua. This is normal behavior in puppies and the only thing you can do is teach your Teacup Puppy what is acceptable for chewing and what is not acceptable for chewing. You will not be able to make your teacup puppy to stop chewing.

One of the main factors in curtailing what is allowable is to make sure all items are either put up or away. That means, no shoes, clothes, children’s toys, glasses, brief cases and as mentioned above remotes. Go through your home and do your detective work on anything your puppy may chew and put anything in the garage or basement that can not be confined easily. The other items will have to be put in a drawer or closet. And do not underestimate what you puppy will and will not chew. Anything is fair game, even the corner of you cat tree if you have one.

One of my experiences with chewing was when I left my puppy in the vehicle. It was only for a short time and he was about six months old. In that short time he chewed off all but one seatbelt and chewed two corners off of my bucket seat. So you can see if they are left alone, you are almost guaranteed disaster. And this was a pretty costly mistake. So in an instance like this, you might want to bring the crate along and keep your teacup puppy in it until he is used of being left in the vehicle alone.

In this part of training using the crate for the most part is required. You want to be able to see and know what your teacup Chihuahua is doing at all times. Keeping your teacup Chihuahua crated while you are busy or away is the best method to not have items chewed up that you do not want chewed. An unattended teacup puppy can cause hundred and maybe thousands of dollars worth of damage if permitted. Another thing you should do is keep your teacup Chihuahua confined to one room. Puppies in general are smart and will go into other rooms as if hiding, to do the things “They” want to do. Puppies will get into the garbage and take it to another room to hide it from you. They will also relieve themselves in hiding places also to try and hide it. So a confined area with a constant watch is best.

If and when you catch your teacup Chihuahua chewing on an item that is undesirable, immediately take it away, show it to them and say, “No” in a stern tone. Your puppy will not hate you, so don’t be afraid to be stern with it. Then you need to present a rawhide or other chewing item that is acceptable. You should give this to them with excited talk so they get excited about it. They will eventually learn the acceptable things they can and can not chew.

And as a safety measure, never buy any chewing item or toy that is easily destructible or too small. This could cause a chocking hazard by completely getting lodged in the airway with disastrous results. So when you purchase items, really think about it. Is it too small? How sturdy is it? You have to realize that you are shopping for a baby that doesn’t know any better and it is up to you to protect your teacup Chihuahua. If you have any doubts on a particular item, either do not purchase it or be there with your teacup Chihuahua when he is playing with it. The best rule of thumb though is not to purchase the item if you have any doubts at all, no matter how cute it is. Unlike children’s toys there are no warnings, so you have to be the judge. As a general rule, you should do this for your dogs whole life.

This is just one idea to help you get through the puppy stage. If you search the web you can find all kinds of help topics on this issue. Make sure you spend plenty of time with your teacup Chihuahua. The more time you spend with your teacup puppy, the better you will be able to curtail bad behavior and let your teacup Chihuahua know what is appropriated. Also, the more time you spend with your teacup Chihuahua the more diversions you can create to curtail any bad behaviors. If you keep your teacup Chihuahua busy enough they will have less time to think about chewing on things.

by Dean Kordon

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